Sunday, July 1, 2007

song status - 06/30/07

number of completely finished songs (music and lyrics): 2 [4 points per song]
number of mostly finished songs (music and some lyrics): 2 [3 points per song]
number of embryo songs (music, very few lyrics): 2 [2 points per song]
number of eggs of songs (some music, no lyrics): 2 [1 point per song]
targeted number of songs on record: 10

Ideal song score: 40 points
Current song score: 20 points
amount of driving hours left to drink a bunch of coffee and try to make up some shit: 12

BONUS LIST: names of beers drank this evening in hotel room in Evanston, WY by us (not including a visit from Sir Jim Beam):

Blue Paddle
Skinny Dip
Sunset Wheat
Bitch Creek
Frambois Lambic

best name award: Skinny Dip/Bitch Creek (tie)


Emiphiste said...

If you mixed them right, you could skinny dip in Bitch Creek.


By the way, thank you for making this blog; it made my day.

Ryan said...

The beers that specifically belonged to me were Bitch Creek and Blue Paddle, and Aaron pointed out that i was "up Bitch Creek with a Blue Paddle"


ididnot said...

Sounds like you guys have a little bit of work ahead of you. I think you should continue on the religious aspects (LOL), I just read the "reverend review" and I think it is pretty funny.

What I thought was good about the "review" was that is shows how people get out of music what they want. There is lots of music that has special meaning to me and although it may have nothing to do with what the writer "intended" it doesn't take away from the fact that the music is great!!

I am sure that through the hardships you "suffer" on the road you will find your inspiration to get this record to "full term".

Good luck!!

Emiphiste said...

up Bitch Creek with a Blue Paddle


Anonymous said...