Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 2

Day numbering has restarted in Portland. We will be here for a maximum of 7 days, in which time we must have our record completed. This is what the professionals call "crunch time".

Aaron is recording all of his non-bass keyboard parts today so from here on he can concentrate exclusively on vocals. He only has one or two more to do today and after that, i finish all of my guitar parts so i can concentrate exclusively on finishing up lyrics for Aaron to sing. If i finish up at a reasonable hour, Aaron will start recording vocals for a song. I can't tell you the name of the song, not because it's untitled, just because we're selfish like that.

Walla has a pretty epic music library room, and today i brought in a portable cd player and invented a game. The rules are: take off glasses, grab a cd at random, put in cd and press play, start listening, put glasses back on and find out what it is. It's a fun game, and i was expecting to listen to a bunch of crazy new shit i've never heard but so far it's only been Superdrag, Interpol, and Bjork.

There is a venue in Buffalo, New York called "Mohawk Place". In the band hospitality area, there is a wall covered in pig-themed-band-name puns (ie. And you will know us by the trail of ham, Death Ham For Cutie). Long story short, the best one was "Pjork".

Griffin just showed up with frozen pizza and beer. I'm pretty sure folks have been named saints for less. Peace.