Friday, July 6, 2007

Q and A

Q: What do you do if you spend 4 hours at a studio aimlessly trying to figure out an idea for the 10th song for your new record and still have nothing and are insanely burnt out?

A: Walk 2 blocks, share a pitcher of beer with your bandmates, watch some of the Giants/Cardinals game, play a horrendous game of pool that takes 8 minutes for somebody to hit a ball in and figure out who is "solids" and who is "stripes", lose 25 cents on a shitty baseball themed pinball machine, get fake interviewed at the bar by a crazy dude who thinks he is a radio DJ (in full-on radio DJ voice), hear the loudest and most distracting mariachi music of all time, take a shot of Jameson, give the fake DJ a fake phone number, walk back to the studio, listen to 3 Fleetwood Mac songs, and start recording a song you've been playing live for 2 years.

Everything described in "A" will take place in the course of 45 minutes.

ALSO: if your name is "Matt Freundlich" and a guy named "Vaughn" gives you a phone call trying to sell you weed because a guy named "Ryan" gave him your phone number instead of his own as a prank, sorry dude.