Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 11 - goodbye Tiny Telephone

It's been fun and (mostly) productive, but today is our last day at Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco. We have tomorrow off, and then we drive on Saturday to Portland and being recording on Sunday at Alberta Court (fancy way of saying "Chris's House").

The last 2 days have been dedicated to finishing up things that are reliant on the equipment here. Yesterday, I did all of my guitar fixes and most of my overdubs and today was Griffin's turn. Right now Aaron is recording lead lines on the keyboards here that we don't own: Moog Prodigy, Moog Source, Crumar organ thing that sounds awesome.

I was worried for a day or so, but Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke, the only blog I read religiously, is back up and running.

Our biggest project yesterday was mostly finishing up what's going to be the last song on our record, which is the song that this and this were made for. We wanted to put something at the end of it, kind of inspired by the guitar-that-doesn't-sound-like-a-guitar solo on "Born Under Punches" by the Talking Heads. Guitar solos have been against the rules for us for a while, but we wanted that kind of effect. Here's the recipe for what we (mostly Chris) did:

1. record and album's worth of material
2. play segments of the album to a tape machine, slowing down and speeding up parts to taste
3. splice up segments of the tape to increments of the tempo of the song
4. place tape segments in a box
5. mix up box
6. pull tape segments out at random and tape them together
7. play tape back
8. insert tape collage into song
9. high five everybody in the room