Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hey, St. Louis!

Spend the day after X-mas with us and our friends, The Natural Selection and The Makeshift Gentlemen.

The Firebird
Saturday, December 26th
Doors @ 7:30
Show@ 8:30
$8 (21+) $10 (-21)

We'll be playing some songs we haven't played in a while and some that we've never played live before.

For more information, go here.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Coming soon to a music blog near you

Our buddy James complied some of Fugazi's best stage banter into a collection he entitled "Having Fun on Stage with Fugazi." As he explains it "Many people cite the scene when Guy calls a particularly macho audience member an "Ice Cream Eating Motherfucker" as a highlight of Instrument... I knew that there would potentially be very many Ice Cream Eating Motherfuckers out there to have been admonished by the band. Also, I found that the band had natural aplomb for jokes and storytelling."

I can't help but feel icredibly vindicated hearing Guy and Ian calling out douche bag moshers for not knowing a good dance move if it floor punched them in the face. If only we had this while touring with hardcore bands...

On an unrelated note, how are your Best of 2009 lists coming along?
Let's share after Christmas, ok?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Well, I guess we're gonna have to take control.

Hey, everyone. We apologize for the lack of updating recently. It's been a long couple of months for all of us. We've all been working diligently to keep up the momentum of SMD, while at the same time, teaching and having to learn old songs for a new member. And on top of that, we've still been trying to find ways for the four of us to make money personally, so we can keep affording to do what we've always wanted to do. It's been a test of will at times, but I can honestly say that having Nathan around has been such a breath of fresh air. He's a positive attribute to this group, and I can't imagine it being any other way.

ANYWAY...Things are going REALLY well around here. With this year coming to a close, some exciting things are in store for us next year. Most notably, we've recently been picked up by The CODA Agency, in the UK, and our first trip overseas will be taking place in February/March. We can't even begin to describe how stoked and ready we are to finally be making this journey.

The other great piece of news is that "The Loud Wars" will finally be released on vinyl, via Hello Sir Records, just in time for that UK/European tour.

With the exception of a couple shows here and there, we'll be hibernating over the winter and working on new songs so we can record a new album by next year. We're all looking forward to what the four of us can create, while having an appropriate amount of time to take an objective look at what our strengths and weaknesses have been over the past seven years of us being a band. A lot of things have happened and a lot has changed in that time, and hopefully we can harness all of those feelings and turn it into something that we can all be proud of.

Speaking of shows, we're got several of them coming up. Check them out.

We'll try to keep up with this here blog, alright?


Monday, October 26, 2009

and I'm so disconnected....I'm never gonna check back in

I can recall looking down and realizing last night as our last song was ending that it wasn't my butt on the drum throne; it was my feet. Maybe things got a little out of hand. eh..maybe not. Its been one hectic week.

Since we last talked, we've had some of our best shows in Boston and Troy, NY, we've made tons of new friends and we played a show in a bowling alley where they have tiny balls and mini pins. We also got paid 7 more dollars at CMJ '09 than we made @ CMJ '08!...maybe that should read: We made 7 dollars @ CMJ '09. (Sin)emechanica also served us pretty hard yesterday in an EPIC drive-by mooning. Flawless execution...

Oops, almost forgot.... our van's front end got destroyed last night by a car in front of the venue. Everyone is ok. Griffin was behind the wheel and Aaron saw the whole thing so I'll let them give you more details. After realizing G was ok I became a private dick taking lots of candid photos of the other driver removing several scandalous items from his vehicle's steering column and trunk before and after the cops arrived.

Luckily after abandoning gear and eating a moral boosting Denny's meal, I was able to sleep last night in Double Chinemechanica's spaceship outside the motel where the other 8 guys crammed into one room. We're currently figuring out our van's situation. We're fortunate enough to have insurance and to be in the best of company, so we will not be cancelling any shows on this tour! All trouble aside, this has been one of my favorite trips in a very long time. See you tonight Columbia, SC.

p.s. to the owner of the red, white, and blue "free spirit" bicycle parked outside of the NYU radio station, I feel terrible and am sincerely sorry for backing our van into your ironically bitching ride. I'm sure someday I'll either pay for my crime or make it up to you.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chili in Beantown

Like most tours, ours was preceded by many last minute errands. Before hitting the road I had to register our van in Missouri and get new license plates. On my way back to my car I picked up a life-affirming pork steak (for only $4!) from a stand operated by a father/son team on the corner of Market & Tucker. I took this as a good omen.

Now we are on day 3 of our 13 day tour with Cinemechanica and we already need an oil change.Last night we drove all night from Cleveland to Boston, stopping only for gas and a complementary breakfast at a Holiday Inn Express. We are now taking it easy in Matt & Kristina's apartment. They got married over the summer and we are currently enjoying the wonder of one of the wedding gifts,a kettle corn maker. While I stuff my face, there is a vegetarian chili cooking party going on in the kitchen. Normally I would scoff at the thought of putting cauliflower in chili (AND NO MEAT!) in chili, but it smells too good.

One of most noticeable changes of having Nathan with us is how it is affects our eating habits, since he's vegan. In an effort to accommodate his diet, spend less money, and eat healthier we've been stopping at grocery stores instead of fast food joints. So far it is working out pretty well. I'm eating lots of spinach, but it's only a matter of time before my meat-loving instincts take over and I reach for the biggest rarest cheeseburger(s) I can find.

While refueling in middle-of-nowhere Ohio we actually saw a Truckers Chapel, not unlike the one in Relgulous.

With two shows under our belt it is apparent that following Cinemechanica is one of the biggest challenges we've ever been faced with as a band. For the last two nights they've got on stage and just annihilated. While we can hold our own, they set the bar pretty high. Nathan is holding things down on his side of the stage and has received resounding stamps of approval from people who have been come to our shows for years. He's taken so quickly to our dynamic on and off stage that it's weird to think tonight will only be his seventh show with us.Tomorrow will be his first visit to New York City.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Staying Busy

I want to pour one out for some of our homies. 2009 is not the easiest time to be in an independent touring rock band so you can't blame anyone when they realize they want to move on to other things. In June, our friends We Vs. the Shark played their last show. They are all still friends with us and each other, so we still get to hang out with them when we are in Athens, which despite the many things that make Athens great, that's what really gives it that home-away-from-home feeling. In August we were honored and fortunate enough to play once more with Harvey Danger in Chicago on their final run of shows. Well done gentlemen, and best of luck adjusting to the real world.

And then of course Ryan quit the band. At first I didn't think that we could exist with out him, since he's been at the center of a lot of what we have done as a band. Then Nathan's name came up when discussing people to replace him and it seemed too perfect. Now that we have four shows with him under our belt things are coming together. Our first tour with him is coming up, as is the Cardinal's post season. There's lots to look forward to in our camp.

Despite his departure from Dynamos, Ryan will still be pulling duty as 2nd lead guitar in our triumphant instra-metal side project, Thor Axe. We're playing our first show in months tomorrow night at a new venue in town,

Antarctica (5226 Gravois, St. Louis, MO) w/ The Bronzed Chorus.

It's $5 and they've got an impressive beer list, ranging from PBR light and Lonestar(!) for those feeling the recession, to imports and micros. Did I mention the Bronzed Chorus is playing?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


My band Target Market and So Many Dynamos have been BBFs (best band friends) since the beginning. We've played countless shows together, spent endless hours around kitchen tables and front porches doing the things that you do in your early twenties, literally growing, together. Now, I find myself faced with the somewhat daunting but ultimately thrilling task of filling the quite large shoes of Ryan Wasoba.
Initially, I felt conflicted, being that Ryan and I are such good friends and have been for a long time. I knew how much he loved this band, and just how principal of a member he was. It felt odd to me, trying to "replace" what I knew was irreplaceable (afterall, you can't find another Ryan in a minute). But that's just it. I'm not another Ryan, and I'm not trying to be. I know this band well, and we see clearly just where it is we need to go. More importantly (after talks with Ryan), I know now that this is what's best for him.
So with that, So Many Dynamos are drawn onward into new era (sorry, couldn't help that one). and all parties involved are completely happy with this changing of gaurd. Hopefully everyone else will be equally satisfied. In many ways, it's the same ol' band: same ethic, the same sense that rock shows should be FUN, and the same merch (T-Shirts just $15!); there will just be a different person standing stage left with a guitar in his hands and humility in his heart.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ryan the Guitarist Explains His Departure

This is going to be a pretty intense post, so I'll offer a short version and a long version.

Short version: I am no longer a member of So Many Dynamos.

Long version: A few months ago I was hit with the unfortunate realization that I no longer wanted to be in a touring rock band. I had been bummed out for a while, but there always seemed to be a hill up ahead that I could blame it on and once I climbed over it there would be sunshine. First I thought I was sad because Dynamos took so long to make our record, then because we didn't have a label yet, then because our release date kept getting further away, and then because I was stressed out over my upcoming wedding. But after I was a married man with an album out on a real record label, I was more depressed than I've ever been in my life.

I tried to keep my feelings to myself and push through, but it became harder every day. The smallest things on tour sent waves of anxiety through me; little problems like not knowing where to eat or being late for load-in became unbearable. I started taking things out on the other three guys in the band without meaning to and eventually found it impossible to hide my panic attacks from them.

At a hotel in Salt Lake City on our July tour I told the other guys that I think I need to quit the band, but no conclusions were made that evening. We never talked about it again, even though we were in a van together for three more weeks afterwards. We've never had less fun on tour.

I spent the last days of the tour trying to figure out how to make things work, to see if there was a way that I could stay home and So Many Dynamos could go out with a replacement touring guitarist. A few days after we got home, I sent an email to the guys telling them I needed some time off.

About a week later, we met at a Denny's for coffee and we all agreed that the best thing to do would be to make a clean break, have me completely out and bring in somebody else to be a full time member. They asked how I felt about Nathan Bernaix from Target Market replacing me, and I said, "I feel great about that."

I am incredibly proud of the work So Many Dynamos has done in the time I've been in the band; I still can't believe that I helped create "Search Party," "Let's Move Mountains" and "The Formula." Aaron, Griffin, and Norm are and will always be my three best dude friends, and if it weren't for them I wouldn't have been able to stay in the band this long. I am honored to have played with the bands we've played with, to befriend amazing bands like Maps and Atlases, Cinemechanica, and We Versus the Shark, and to have worked with Chris Walla, Alex Newport, and Jason Caddell. I still love making music and intend to do so for the rest of my life.

And I can't be more thrilled that Nathan Bernaix is taking my spot. He's one of my favorite people, songwriters and musicians. Nathan has been a part of So Many Dynamos since day one. In fact, we met when he came to one of our first practices where we were rehearsing "Airtight" and "This Can Be Useful in Rocketry" for our first show. I can't imagine anybody else doing justice to the job like Nathan.

An infinite number of thank yous are due to everybody who has ever seen, listened to, or cared about So Many Dynamos thus far. I am ecstatic to join the rest of the world in loving this band and being excited about its future. We've always said that our goal was to make So Many Dynamos sort of a science project, creating the band that would be our favorite if we weren't in it. Now that I am not in the band, I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that I love So Many Dynamos more than any other band on the planet.

It's been fun,
Ryan Wasoba

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's A Sin To Live So Well...

Phew.....So we made it home without any more serious misfortunes. We even made a stop by Daytrotter on our way home from the last show in Chicago. Now that we've had a chance to take it easy for a few weeks it's back to Chicago for two shows with Harvery Danger!
HD is on it's last run of shows EVER and it is a huge honor to be asked to play with them again, on this momentous occasion. Our tour with them in Ocotober of 2006 still stands out as one of the best tours (if not the best) we've ever done.

Here are the details for both shows:
Saturday August 15th
3159 Southport North, Chicago, IL 60657

EARLY SHOW 18+ 7pm
$14 - as of right now it is NOT sold out

LATE(r) SHOW 21+ 9pm
The only way to get into this show now is if
-you buy a ticket from someone outside Schuba's
-you bride us with fistfuls of cash to get on our guest li$t.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our own Blythe Archive

We're in Blythe, California, which is where you end up when your van breaks down between Los Angeles and Phoenix. This not the first time we've spent a night at the Budget Host motel in Blythe, having been there before with our pal Chad Matheny, who had been in Blythe before we had for the exact same reason. So I'm at Starbucks with my broken laptop and broken glasses stealing internet from a Best Western while the other guys are hanging out at the mechanic a few blocks away. It's 114 degrees here. I'm not exaggerating and isn't either.

Blythe is weird in an engaging way. Our afformentioned buddy Chad is obsessed with this town and is about to release the third volume of his 4 part record series "The Blythe Archives" that you can hear by clicking on his name above. Our van was towed to an auto part store where the tow truck driver's friend met us and looked at our van for 35 dollars to tell us that our spark plug blew out and we have to get our gasket head re-threaded. I know what some of those words mean. We heard Beck, Feist and Friendly Fires at the Hispanic grocery store, and the Starbucks was playing Wilco when I came in, which isn't quite as weird.

We had to cancel Phoenix which is a bummer because it looked like the most promising show we've had booked there. If the van gets repaired within the hour then we have 22 hours to make it to Austin in time for load-in. Mapquest gives that drive 16 hours and 30 minutes, and that doesn't include the two hours that the time zones will rob from us.

This makes things feel a little better, and so does this. I'm finding little comfort in the thoughts that people have it worse than meMy mood will improve greatly after a visit to Lenscrafters in Austin, but for now super glue will have to do.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're doing an in studio for KEXP at noon. You can listen to it here if you're into that sort of thing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This was down the street from Record Bar in KC...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here's a map with our tour route, complete with venue info, other bands, etc.
Check it out!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Deal With This

Our one-time booking agent and good friend, Alina, posted this via Facebook.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Write A Haiku, Get a Poster

from The Firebird Twitter:

The 10 best So Many Dynamos' Haikus win a ltd edition poster by John Vogl.
Bring on your best 5 7 5's about St. Louis' fav palindrome band.

Come to the cd release show tonight!
Don't be late!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


First this and then this. Today sucks so far. Let's hope the Vintage Vinyl show raises morale. I need something above a 5.5 today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Usually we return from tours and relax, but not this time. We're caught up in CD Release madness with 2 shows this week - the freebie exclusive show at Vintage Vinyl for folks who have already bought the CD and the official release show at the Firebird on Saturday. Plus interviews and press stuff and cramming in a practice or two, we've got a pretty busy week.

These are things:

-some of us will be doing an interview at 4:30 at St. Louis radio station KWUR today

-some (or all) of us will be participating in an interactive chat thing on Absolute tonight at 9 EST. We've never done anything like this before, and it could be a crazy fun time or it could be the four of us sitting in a chat room talking to each other. Shall be interesting either way.

We had our first rehearsal in the cool, concrete basement wiith surprisingly decent acoustics that will function as our new practice space. My Fender Jazzmaster, which I purchased to be my "adult guitar" that I respect and treat well, took a spill and now its lower bout has a nasty ding. So I'm off to buy Strap Locks today. Wish me luck.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Come see us for free

Holy @#$%! The release show for
"The Loud Wars"
is this Saturday at The Firebird!

John Vogl designed and printed up a limited run of posters ------------->
which will be available on Saturday.

If you want, you can pre-order tickets here.
You can win a copy of the new cd,
New Bones 7", and a ticket to the show here.
Winners will be contacted shortly. Thanks for all who shared their stories.

For everyone else you can get a free ticket to the show of your choice when you pick up "The Loud Wars" from the Vagrant website. Check it out.

Oh yeah, don't forget about this:

Monday, June 15, 2009


Things the sound guy and/or his underage cronies did tonight that have NEVER been done to us before:
1)Threw a beer can at Ryan's face (points for accuracy)
2) Took a swing at Clayton (zero points for accuracy)
3) Told us we will never play at that club again

Despite the above, tonight was our best show in Baltimore to date. Thanks to the level headed lady in charge of the show and the kids who drove from Philadelphia.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally! Finally! Finally!

Today is June 9th, which means our record officially has no more road blocks or delays, it is out!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Check it out!

The Loud Wars is now streaming online over at Buzzgrinder!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Internet Win!

Messages like these prove the internet rulz:

From :*********
TTo: so many dynamos
Date: May 28, 2009 4:14 PM

Love your music! I will be traveling from Russia to the US and I will visit your gig with Maps and Atlases in Philly in June! Hope to meet u in person! and have a beer

Also, this is really cool.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is legalizing So Many Dynamos bad for Small Businesses?

For this exclusive in-store we'll be playing out entire album from front to back!

If you want to get e-mail updates about us you can go to our myspace page and sign up for our mailing list. We promise not to flood you inbox with a bunch of malarky.

I still can't get over what a dick Michael Steele is. I mean, come on.

Monday, May 18, 2009


You can now pre-order The Loud Wars and get a free 7"!

We also succumbed to the pressures of technology and got a Twitter and Facebook.

I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. I am leaning towards 'pro,' but with great caution.
Still, if they don't work out well I've got a back up plan.

Monday, May 11, 2009

We've Moved!

After nearly three and a half years of living together in a house Edwardsville we have finally moved out.

Along with moving out, we've been pretty busy with non-dynamo related things.
Ryan and his longtime girlfriend Megan got married and took a honeymoon in Canada. They live just down the street from our old house with their 2 cats and our friend Chad. My girlfriend and I moved to Soulard with our cat George. Clayton went camping and is learning to play drums and keyboard simultaneously. Aaron played a show with Target Market to celebrate the digital release of their new record and is getting our van's cracked windshield replaced.

On a completely different note

About a month ago we had a show in our basement with Target Market. At some point during the night someone thought it would be a good idea to steal our RFT award from our bathroom. A few weeks later I found this on our back steps:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr. Whiskers

Thanks to The Bronzed Chorus and everyone who came to the show Saturday.
I just realized it was Ryan's last show as a 'bachelor' because he is getting married this weekend. Craaaazy.

Some people outside St. Louis have asked us about getting the New Bones 7".
It looks like Vagrant is going to be sending them along with pre-ordered copies of The Loud Wars.

The next few days should be pretty hectic in our camp, but once things settle down we should have all the details ironed out for our cd release show in June. Once we know you will too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday while we were all at home practicing, we were greeted with a package of 100 copies of our new 7'! With that being said, we're pretty excited for both of these events:

Record Store Day is AWESOME! If you live in St. Louis, make sure to stop by Vintage Vinyl, APOP, and Euclid Records. All three stores are having events and sales throughout the day.

And then after wards, come to our 7" Release Show! It's free and we only have about 100 copies of the record for sale. Plus, this is going to be the only time it's available until "The Loud Wars" is released in June.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I found this on the internet today. I think this may be the most "note"oriety my drumming has ever received.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Operation Condor - Caw!!!

Here is a link to a video interview/ live footage of everybody on the Pattern is So Many Maps Tour! Thanks to the wonderful people at This is Fake DIY for documenting just how gay we are for each others bands. Anyway, we've got lots of exciting news coming up in Dynamo land. In no particular order next month we're moving out of our house, releasing a New Bones/New Bones RAC Remix 7", playing a secret show in our basement, and this guy is getting married! Over and Out - Caw!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

When I say "Sophista", you say "Funk"


5 days into this tour and we still haven't morphed into Passion Pit. People in Rochester are apparently pretty pissed about that.

Olive Garden, then Syracuse. Let's do this.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The travel plaza on I-90 by Buffallo, New York has a walkway that is built over the interstate and the entire place smells like clothes that have soiled from soaking in the washer too long before drying. We pulled over here to urinate and get coffee and swap out drivers, and this tour's rotation puts me in shotgun and Aaron in the driver's seat. Griffin has taken over my most recent spot in the far back bench seat of the van right in front of our personal belongings and the wooden wall that separates us from our gear. This is the most comfortable seat to nap in, and one obtains this coveted position in the van as a reward for finishing a driving shift.

We woke up this morning in Ann Arbor, Michigan in a giant, almost Victorian house that was probably home to a fraternity in the recent past. A fellow named Sean had invited us to stay over before our set was even finished. The conversation went like this:

Me: Thanks a lot for watching us, we have CD's and shirts and records in the back. Oh, and we need a place to stay tonight.
Him: You can stay at my place!
Me: Oh yeah?
Him: Yeah, I live in a mansion!

We're on tour with Ra Ra Riot and our new friends Cut Off Your Hands. COYH is from New Zealand, and they prove that being a sweet dude is a universal concept. The show last evening in Ann Arbor was decent. It was at a dive bar called The Blind Pig whose claim to fame is that Nirvana and Tad played there together once. The show actually sold out, but we couldn't seem to crack the audience. I did the math and if everybody who came to the show put a dime into a bucket and donated it to us, we would have made more money than what we made on merch last night. Oh well, what can you do?

Douchiest Cut Off Your Hands fan moment at the merch table last night: A woman asked their drummer Brent, "Where's Murray, your band manager?" After Brent made it apparent that he had no idea what she was talking about she continued, "oh, come on. You're from New Zealand. You HAAAAVE to love Flight of the Conchords!"

Why this is lame: Yes, she was just trying to be affable, and she just mentioned Flight of the Conchords because they're a band and they're from New Zealand and that's all she knows about bands and New Zealand. But it would be the equivalant of somebody assuming that she likes Meg White's drumming style because she's a chunky woman from the Detroit area.

Douchiest Ra Ra Riot fan moment at the merch table last night: A dude leaned all the way over all of our merch while Alexandra and Rebecca from RRR stood at the other end of the table yelling "Kayla!!! Kayla!!! Kayla!!!" After about 20 seconds of this he turned to look at me and COYH's merch girl Sarah and asked "Is that chick's name Kayla?" without specifying which girl he was referring to, to which we replied "No" to which he asked "Then what's her name?" to which we replied "Well, it's not Kayla" to which he replied "Oh man, if I don't get her name then I'll NEVER have a chance" and moped away from the table.

Why this is lame: Say, hypothetically, that he had gotten Rebecca's name right (sorry Rebecca) and leaned over to scream "REBECCA!!!" while she was busy selling merch to the giant line of people that had surrounded the table. Was he expecting her to turn towards him and lock eyes and stop what she's doing because she's just fallen madly in love? Was he thinking that maybe, just maybe, the ladies in Ra Ra Riot have just been waiting for the right intoxicated bro in a backwards baseball cap to sweep them off of their feet by yelling their name the loudest? He'll never know though, because he blew it by randomly pulling "Kayla" out of his ass. Sorry, bro.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't just stand there...

Gas stations are a huge part of our daily routine on tour. These daily stops provide us with much needed fuel, coffee, and snacks, but also serve as a great source of entertainment. I always seem to come home and find the only photos I took are of ridiculous things at gas stations and incredible sandwiches I ate. Aside from being funny in and of themselves, I think the absurd trinkets available at a lot of gas stations speak volumes about America. I mean, where else would someone think this stuff up and go the trouble of mass producing it. More importantly, who do they think would (unironically) buy it?
Either way, I hope you think these are as funny as I do.

Seriously, who buys these things?

For a brief ironic moment we contemplated using band money for these things.

This is the newest shirt I have seen in a line of Christian parody shirts available at gas stations. I guess they must be selling well because I've begun to see them more frequently, yet I've never actually seen someone (outside a gas station) that was wearing one.

Nobody wants your stupid Cub's merchandise.


Tonight we are in Bloomington,IN (for the first time!) for the first of 5 shows with Ra Ra Riot. Tomorrow we get to see our pal Dawn at Musica in Akron,OH. Hopefully I will get some decent photos of her cute kittens, assuming I do not get sidetracked being cute overloaded.

Monday, March 2, 2009

There were marigolds.


It's the second day of the third month of the year and it's my first post on the blog in 2009. I guess I've been neglectful. A few months ago I kind of looked ahead at what was coming, at how intense things are going to get after our album is released, and that part of me that desires an identity outside of "dude-in-a-band" started taking over.

But now I'm sitting in our friend Liz's apartment in Brooklyn with a belly full of eggs, pancakes, and coffee half-watching Lord of the Rings. We drove all night to New York from Boston, where there was a prediction of 14 inches of snow. At about 4 AM we had to pull over at a rest area because the snow was creating that sort of low budget sci-fi movie "time warp" effect where it seemed like we weren't even moving. Then there was a total white-out and we couldn't even see the road.

We're currently out on tour with Maps and Atlases and Pattern is Movement. When I heard rumors about this tour, I kind of thought "yeah right" because it's just sort of too good to be true. But it happened, and every show has been fantastic and we get to see two of the greatest bands in the universe every night.

It's also a feel-good tour because Maps and Pattern are such kindred spirits. Both bands have a similar position as us of genre-less, sub-culture-less bands with minimal buzz. The whole package has a sort of grassroots feel, and I can't help but think that the people in attendance are true believers. There's been a lot of air-drumming.

Tonight is Manhattan, tomorrow is Brooklyn, then it's DC, then it's Hoboken, then it's Holiday Inn express continental breakfast in Indianapolis, then it's home.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hold onto your butts

"The Loud Wars" will be officially released April 28th on Vagrant Records!!!! Here is the track listing and the cover art shot by Ryan Russell.

Track listing:

01) Artifacts of Sound
02) Glaciers
03) The Novelty of Haunting
04) New Bones
05) If You Didn't Want to Know
06) Oh, the Devastation
07) Keep It Simple
08) Friendarmy
09) It's Gonna Rain
10) The Formula

Also, we're leaving Wednesday for a little quickie tour with two of our very favorite bands Maps & Atlases and Pattern is Movement. Here are the dates!

Feb 25 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar #
Feb 26 – Akron, OH @ Musica #
Feb 27 – Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s #
Feb 28 – Troy, NY @ Ground Zero *
Mar 1 – Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Upstairs # *
Mar 2 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge # *
Mar 3 – Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw # *
Mar 4 – Washington, DC @ DC9 # *
Mar 5 – Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s # *
# - with Maps and Atlases
* - with Pattern is Movement

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here, Girl. Hold My Jacket.


Also, we've got a show this Friday.

The Midwest Music Pit
Friday, January 23rd
8:oo pm
All Ages $8
w/ Nine Life Fire and more


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do Work, Son.

Hey, friends.

Clayton and I are playing a show tomorrow night with Target Market.

Friday, January 16th (TOMORROW)
8:oo pm
Target Market, Say Panther, Jovian Chorus

Their new record rules prettay hard and was recorded by Ryan. Clayton's playing double drums and I'm playing all of the extra keyboard and percussion stuffz.

Besides that, SMD is playing a basement show this Satuday, January 17th in St. Louis.

Basement Show
w/ Hunter Gatherer.
Saturday, January 17th
7729 Weston Place
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
7:30 pm

We have a lot of other local shows coming up, including more performances that are NOT SMD.

Check It.