Monday, June 22, 2009

Come see us for free

Holy @#$%! The release show for
"The Loud Wars"
is this Saturday at The Firebird!

John Vogl designed and printed up a limited run of posters ------------->
which will be available on Saturday.

If you want, you can pre-order tickets here.
You can win a copy of the new cd,
New Bones 7", and a ticket to the show here.
Winners will be contacted shortly. Thanks for all who shared their stories.

For everyone else you can get a free ticket to the show of your choice when you pick up "The Loud Wars" from the Vagrant website. Check it out.

Oh yeah, don't forget about this:


George said...

That's a really nice poster. Is your show at The Modified Arts all ages? I wanna make sure it is, because I might drive out to catch you guys play. Also, when is Ryan going to put up a new "Livin' the Dream"?

Griffin said...

The show at Modified Arts is definitely all ages.

Anonymous said...


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