Saturday, June 27, 2009

Write A Haiku, Get a Poster

from The Firebird Twitter:

The 10 best So Many Dynamos' Haikus win a ltd edition poster by John Vogl.
Bring on your best 5 7 5's about St. Louis' fav palindrome band.

Come to the cd release show tonight!
Don't be late!


Greg Bry said...

creating a sound
so many dynamos love
the lack of silence

Christin said...

Man, I failed so hard on merch. I meant to get a Target Market CD and a show poster, finagled cash from the bar and everything, and then I literally got distracted and wandered off and only realized that I was merchless later in the night. Drats.

Emperor X was holyshit amazing. I want to see Target Market again not following Emperor X, because I was still reeling from Emperor X when Target Market was a couple songs into their set.

Great show, great weekend. You guys draw a good-lookin' crowd. Exactly why I wanted to see you guys on home turf for once--the room energy was phenomenal, the love and support was palpable, and I laughed out loud when the call-to-encore from the entire audience was a handclapped Heat/Humidity. (You should have gone for it, but you know that.) I'm already looking forward to July in Atlanta and August in Chicago. See you then!

Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

Some bands, very bad.
Not so many dynamos,
they are very rad.

Anonymous said...