Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Usually we return from tours and relax, but not this time. We're caught up in CD Release madness with 2 shows this week - the freebie exclusive show at Vintage Vinyl for folks who have already bought the CD and the official release show at the Firebird on Saturday. Plus interviews and press stuff and cramming in a practice or two, we've got a pretty busy week.

These are things:

-some of us will be doing an interview at 4:30 at St. Louis radio station KWUR today

-some (or all) of us will be participating in an interactive chat thing on Absolute tonight at 9 EST. We've never done anything like this before, and it could be a crazy fun time or it could be the four of us sitting in a chat room talking to each other. Shall be interesting either way.

We had our first rehearsal in the cool, concrete basement wiith surprisingly decent acoustics that will function as our new practice space. My Fender Jazzmaster, which I purchased to be my "adult guitar" that I respect and treat well, took a spill and now its lower bout has a nasty ding. So I'm off to buy Strap Locks today. Wish me luck.


mike durgan said...

i ate your pizza and cheese.
i ate your pizza and cheese.
i ate your pizza and cheese.
i ate your pizza and cheese.
i ate your pizza and cheese.


Norm said...

dude....that was harsh. It was pizza shuttle from Milwaukee. And it was like 32 slices of cheese! That's just impressive.

mike durgan said...

dude, don't blame me, blame the sparks can that was fashioned into a bong.

okay, partially blame me - i did deny it for a period of time.

old times.

Griffin said...

...but good times.

apoorva said...
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Anonymous said...