Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally! Finally! Finally!

Today is June 9th, which means our record officially has no more road blocks or delays, it is out!


Pat Doran, I love you! said...

I ordered mine by courier pigeon. Should be arriving at my rooftop roost sometime this afternoon. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...


alison. said...

i'm really proud of you guys, this record is amazing. your show last night was fantastic, i can't wait for you to come back up here.

Tor said...

The album is definitely amazing!
The lyrics and stuff inside are really cool, I love all of the footnotes. Some of the things you put in your songs, and the fact that many of your songs have parts of others backwards is amazing.

On another note, do you still sell your first EP? I'd like to own all of your albums and I can't seem to find "Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era" for sale anywhere.


Oh yeah, and come to Musica in Akron! =P

BB McDougal said...

I just got it tonight, and I am mighty pleased. Once again I am the proud owner of all of your cds, and I'm sure it will quickly make it's way into my musical rotation with the others.

Also, "We Vibrate, We Do" is my ringtone right now, but I feel like I should use one of the new songs instead; any suggestions?

Zachattackus said...

Been a fan of you guys for a good minute - 5 or so years now (since I was 15 or so) - and I can say with no reservation that this is already one of my favorite albums of all time. Your previous albums are stellar, but this one is truly an accomplishment for you. Congrats, and please keep up the fantastic work.

Unfortunately for me, as I live in B'ham Alabama, I was gonna shoot over to ATL and catch you guys' show, but alas...it's a 21+ and I'm a bit young. Best of luck on the tour though. (By the way, my band occasionally covers "Heat/Humidity")

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