Thursday, September 10, 2009


My band Target Market and So Many Dynamos have been BBFs (best band friends) since the beginning. We've played countless shows together, spent endless hours around kitchen tables and front porches doing the things that you do in your early twenties, literally growing, together. Now, I find myself faced with the somewhat daunting but ultimately thrilling task of filling the quite large shoes of Ryan Wasoba.
Initially, I felt conflicted, being that Ryan and I are such good friends and have been for a long time. I knew how much he loved this band, and just how principal of a member he was. It felt odd to me, trying to "replace" what I knew was irreplaceable (afterall, you can't find another Ryan in a minute). But that's just it. I'm not another Ryan, and I'm not trying to be. I know this band well, and we see clearly just where it is we need to go. More importantly (after talks with Ryan), I know now that this is what's best for him.
So with that, So Many Dynamos are drawn onward into new era (sorry, couldn't help that one). and all parties involved are completely happy with this changing of gaurd. Hopefully everyone else will be equally satisfied. In many ways, it's the same ol' band: same ethic, the same sense that rock shows should be FUN, and the same merch (T-Shirts just $15!); there will just be a different person standing stage left with a guitar in his hands and humility in his heart.