Monday, June 15, 2009


Things the sound guy and/or his underage cronies did tonight that have NEVER been done to us before:
1)Threw a beer can at Ryan's face (points for accuracy)
2) Took a swing at Clayton (zero points for accuracy)
3) Told us we will never play at that club again

Despite the above, tonight was our best show in Baltimore to date. Thanks to the level headed lady in charge of the show and the kids who drove from Philadelphia.


alison. said...

um, that sounds awful. at least it's not Danbury.

Kyle said...

Those damn underage kiddies throwing perfectly good of age beer cans at you!!! My band will open for your band at Kilby Court in SLC, should be a lively show. Don't know if you've been through Utah before.... bring beer, unless you like the idea of expanding your beer gut with watered down oat sodas. See you on the 11th.

God said...

No worries, Sonar is balls and one of the more sketchy clubs in Baltimore. Come to Ottobar again next time, it's a bit smaller but is a helluva lot nicer.

Anonymous said...


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