Friday, August 14, 2009

It's A Sin To Live So Well...

Phew.....So we made it home without any more serious misfortunes. We even made a stop by Daytrotter on our way home from the last show in Chicago. Now that we've had a chance to take it easy for a few weeks it's back to Chicago for two shows with Harvery Danger!
HD is on it's last run of shows EVER and it is a huge honor to be asked to play with them again, on this momentous occasion. Our tour with them in Ocotober of 2006 still stands out as one of the best tours (if not the best) we've ever done.

Here are the details for both shows:
Saturday August 15th
3159 Southport North, Chicago, IL 60657

EARLY SHOW 18+ 7pm
$14 - as of right now it is NOT sold out

LATE(r) SHOW 21+ 9pm
The only way to get into this show now is if
-you buy a ticket from someone outside Schuba's
-you bride us with fistfuls of cash to get on our guest li$t.


Tor Hershman said...

There's no such thing as 'sin'.

Christin said...

"holding a nice box of change in front of you big enough for the change to frolic about like kittens- when the kittens' games get vicious they spit out X-rays that almost illuminate your vertebrae except the X-rays want to have fun too, falling asleep as they lick the kittens' fur- I think it's OK to put the box down now!"

I completely blanked on asking, after the show, what you thought of it. What did you think of it?

From where I'm standing, Thax Douglas nailed you guys. So excellent, so apt. I wish you guys had been able to see his face as he read it; his mischievous little smile on the line "except the X-rays want to have fun too!" was too perfect.

Anonymous said...