Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't just stand there...

Gas stations are a huge part of our daily routine on tour. These daily stops provide us with much needed fuel, coffee, and snacks, but also serve as a great source of entertainment. I always seem to come home and find the only photos I took are of ridiculous things at gas stations and incredible sandwiches I ate. Aside from being funny in and of themselves, I think the absurd trinkets available at a lot of gas stations speak volumes about America. I mean, where else would someone think this stuff up and go the trouble of mass producing it. More importantly, who do they think would (unironically) buy it?
Either way, I hope you think these are as funny as I do.

Seriously, who buys these things?

For a brief ironic moment we contemplated using band money for these things.

This is the newest shirt I have seen in a line of Christian parody shirts available at gas stations. I guess they must be selling well because I've begun to see them more frequently, yet I've never actually seen someone (outside a gas station) that was wearing one.

Nobody wants your stupid Cub's merchandise.


Tonight we are in Bloomington,IN (for the first time!) for the first of 5 shows with Ra Ra Riot. Tomorrow we get to see our pal Dawn at Musica in Akron,OH. Hopefully I will get some decent photos of her cute kittens, assuming I do not get sidetracked being cute overloaded.