Monday, November 30, 2009

Coming soon to a music blog near you

Our buddy James complied some of Fugazi's best stage banter into a collection he entitled "Having Fun on Stage with Fugazi." As he explains it "Many people cite the scene when Guy calls a particularly macho audience member an "Ice Cream Eating Motherfucker" as a highlight of Instrument... I knew that there would potentially be very many Ice Cream Eating Motherfuckers out there to have been admonished by the band. Also, I found that the band had natural aplomb for jokes and storytelling."

I can't help but feel icredibly vindicated hearing Guy and Ian calling out douche bag moshers for not knowing a good dance move if it floor punched them in the face. If only we had this while touring with hardcore bands...

On an unrelated note, how are your Best of 2009 lists coming along?
Let's share after Christmas, ok?


João Gonçalves said...

Theese are my Best 25 Albuns:

Theese are my Best 20 Singles:

And this is my review to Loud Wars:

Try to use Google Translater but it's not the same thing...


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