Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday while we were all at home practicing, we were greeted with a package of 100 copies of our new 7'! With that being said, we're pretty excited for both of these events:

Record Store Day is AWESOME! If you live in St. Louis, make sure to stop by Vintage Vinyl, APOP, and Euclid Records. All three stores are having events and sales throughout the day.

And then after wards, come to our 7" Release Show! It's free and we only have about 100 copies of the record for sale. Plus, this is going to be the only time it's available until "The Loud Wars" is released in June.


Tor said...

I want it!!! Too bad I don't have a turntable :(

Lindsay said...

G-Dammit! NH is so far away!!!
when are you guys coming back with cool shit like that to sell in Boston?

Christin said...

They're beautiful. Man, you guys' next couple weekends are going to be awesome. :-D

(Make lots of forewarning noise about the album release show. I'll be in Chicago again this Record Store Day, but I haven't been to St. Louis since I was a little kid.)

dan said...

can you do this release in the nyc area
or mail me a copy?
im beggging you D:
i've been dying for this release for months DDD:
every time i listen to flashlights/ when i exploded/ new bones and friendarmy i think,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear this will be available again when the Loud Wars is released for all us non-STL folk. Hooray, record store day.

Amanda said...

I got #42.

Thanks, you guys, for signing it too. ^____^ <3


Anonymous said...