Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're so lucky

The last thing Aaron and I saw before the right side of the van hit the pavement of oncoming traffic was an unmistakably bright red semi coming our way. I was absolutely certain in the next moment was going to be my/our last. It wasn't until Ryan (who was now half against the dashboard/ half against the front seats) asked if everyone was ok when I realized that we were once again upright, across the highway, and safe.

Aaron did so well handling the blowout. Last night before falling asleep all I could do was imagine what it would feel like to be behind the wheel making the split second decisions that ultimately determined everything. Just envisioning that thought alone was terrifying enough for me. I'm so proud of Aaron. I'm so fortunate. My 3 best friends are ok.



annie said...

everyone in st. louis is so glad you guys are safe!

see you soon.

scubadog said...

Holy crap, Norm! You guys walked away from a roll-over!! What else can I say... the van was treacherous that day?!! (My dog says you need Cooper tires on the next van.)

Holy crap... we're glad you guys are okay!

Okay, Aaron is right, make the most of it now. There's a reason out there somewhere, so make the most of it even if you never know why!

"Make all the non-believers say..."

Holy crap, Norm!

Christin said...

I'm SO thankful you guys came out unscathed.

Somebody already asked this, and I don't know how many cookies you guys can handle, but do post a mailing address for cookies/holy-shit-you're-alive care packages.

Heavens to motherloving Betsy, that could have been so much worse. Damn.

Anonymous said...