Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'd like to start off my first post by stating that I hate the word "blog."

That said, yesterday was fun, despite our second failed attempt to write a mid-tempo rock song.
I wanted to write an account of what happened after we returned from the bar, however I can't recall everything with great clarity. This is due in great part to Aaron sitting on my chest and force feeding me 100 proof vodka that was leftover in the mini fridge.
Aside from tracking another song (two in one day!) yesterdays other highlight was Chris super gluing a cup of wine to his hand.
That's dedication.

Todays' agenda includes tracking two songs and possibly doing some Rat Cat Hogan songs for Chris's contribution to the Rat Cat Hogan/Long Winters/Chris Walla plays Rat Cat Hogan vinyl only release from People In A Position To Know. Totally sweet.

If everything goes as planned we will meet JV's mom today.
This should make up for not getting to buy a gong .
More pictures to come soon.