Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I can not tell you how happy I am that all of the drum tracking is finished. All of the sounds Chris got are unbelievable. There wasn't a moment in drum tracking when I didn't feel that Chris was a step ahead in the thought process of finding the right sound for every piece equipment for every mix of every song. The drum sounds on every track are very distinguishable from each other. Here are some photos of just some of what has been going on in drum world and studio world.


The bass drum is about to give birth to a beautiful baby snare drum.


roto tom, big purple jam block, ribbon crasher, and one fucked up looking snare drum with a contact mic taped to the head.


Don't let anyone fool you. We have easily spent twice much time hanging out on a comfortable purple couch not doing shit while Chris plays music from his itunes than we have making a record.


Chris escapes from Wizard Prison and finds a pole




I'll tell you. Chris is putting a mic in this tube that is pointing straight at the cinder block that is sitting on top of the bass drum with a piece of wood taped to the front head that is currently giving labor to a snare drum. When the drums are being played, the tube creates a pitch that lands some slightly higher than a G#. The song is in G, and we want the tube to be an A so what we have to do is record the song slower at 116 bpm and speed the song back up to its original tempo of 120 bpm. Fucked up? Yes. Awesome? Totally.


Aaron killing people on Grand Theft Auto


oh cool... guitars...


Anyway. More drums


Bells on snare drum.


Chris inside the booth with a cup of wine super glued to his hand. This is also the beginning stages of what is known as "Fuck It Mode"


This is the best I could do to capture Chris's "Mr. Happy Pants Dance". Fuck it mode in full effect.


And here's a really sweet hovercraft.