Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 4 recap

So we didn't post more than daily after all. Today will be the day, i SWEAR.

I think we're on a rotation of 1 really amazing productive day and 1 really defeating leaving-the-studio-completely-burnt-out day. Today is day 5, so hopefully we'll be back to amazing productive day. We have one song to write from scratch and one song to finish and then we can go on to, uh....writing lyrics.

Yesterday we finished tracking "Ghostsong (working title)". Gibson SG, Micromoog, G&L Telecaster with an allen wrench under the strings on the 5th fret, drums going through an octave pedal, and cymbals with red tape on them. After that we tried to start working on a new song but didn't make any ground. We want a mid-tempo party jam, the kind where hands get thrown up in the air as a sign of apathy.

We might meet John Vanderslice's mom today.

Conversation that happened with the car next to us in the carpool lane toll line at the Bay Bridge:
Red headed kid in back of car: Hey! What's your favorite food.
Us: PIZZA!!!!!
Red headed kid in back of car: Are you guys in a band?
Us: Yes.
Red headed kid's dad: What is the name of the band?
Us: So Many Dynamos.
Red headed kid's dad: Are you playing in town?
Us: No, we're recording.
Red headed kid's dad: Oh, where at?
Us: Tiny Telephone
Red headed kid's dad: Is Scott doing it?
Us: No, Chris is.
Red headed kid's dad: Okay. Is that the studio that John Vanderslice runs?
Us: Yeah, it is!

and then our cars were too far apart to continue talking. This event was strange because a. the chances of pulling up next to a guy who's familiar with the recording studio you're working at is an INSANE coincidence and b. even 8 year olds can tell that we reak of "band".

Sidenote: 4 and a half years of doing this, and we still don't have a good answer for when some random dude at a gas station is like "y'all in a band? cool, what do you sound like?" That's why we're trying to sound more like Weezer. So we can say "we kind of sound like Weezer."

Sidenote: By the way, we're trying to sound more like Weezer.


Christin said...

I know this is incredibly presumptuous, and that it's probably horrendous etiquette, but: Since you're writing, I'm requesting a song. ("Can she do that?")

Specifically, a song with a beat to which I feel compelled to clap along, but with a rhythm interesting enough that I have to pay attention and learn it first. I want to drum along on my steering wheel, but have to concentrate hard enough that I turn my hazard lights on by mistake. (See, for example: the last twenty seconds of "Excellent News, Colonel" by Bound Stems. I actually got the hazard lights and the windshield wipers drumming along to it.) I was trying to find songs that fit this description earlier, and realized that in the world, as a whole, there aren't enough.

Feel free to disregard me, though. :-D

Anonymous said...