Sunday, July 15, 2007

(chris's) HOME SWEET (chris's) HOME

The daily schedule for the rest of the record is pretty much this:

-pick 2 songs
-finish up all the overdubs we want to do for those songs
-have Aaron sing those songs

Which means that every day we'll spend maybe an hour per person doing the overdubs needed to get the instrumental for the song done and the rest of the day is all Aaron, so this week is going to kind of suck for Aaron. But alas, such is recording vocals.

Chris lives in a pretty nice area of Portland in a very nice house. In the basement is the control room and anything that gets a microphone put in front of it goes in the adjacent spare room, which i have passed out in before. When you turn left at the kitchen to go downstairs, you're greeted with a Canadian gold record for "Plans".

Today we recorded vocals for "Glaciers". It's 3 minutes long, and is like if "Search Party" and "Home is where the box wine" is had a baby, and that baby was very friendly.