Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time for some photos

Here are a few photos of some things Ryan mentioned in his last few posts:

Norm playing a trash can (taken by Aaron).

Dude's got a tambourine on his foot (Also taken by Aaron).

A lot of sweet effects pedals
(note the blue hockey punck distortion pedal in the upper right hand corner)


Chris is in the processof pluggin every piece of outboard equipment in.
Look how happy he is!

Chris taped a mic to the casio for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sample.
Ryan is pleased.

Aside from the activities in the above photos today's work rests mostly on Aaron and his vocal chords. This has allowed me some free time. The highlights of my day have involved eating an awesome turkey bacon cheddar sandwich (heart attack) and drinking lots of coffee.
We are currently making plans to get some cheap wine and getting "mom drunk."
Should be fun.