Thursday, July 26, 2007

3 days later

So the van thing happened. That was weird. It looks like State Farm Insurance is pretty much taking care of us, so as far as we know we'll be cool. Luckily, we won't be doing anything that requires a van for a while. I didn't go to a doctor because, other than being a little sore still, i feel alright. I can't say the same for Aaron and Norm, who are both having some pack pains. They were in the front seats and got a little more roughed up than Griff and I did. I just got a scraped up right lovehandle.

It's Thursday now and Chris will be out here in a week to finish up the vocals and basically finish up the record. We got the first draft of a completed song in our email box, and it sounds phenomenal. The song will be the last one on the record, and it's the one that this, this, and this were all constructed for. It has a very unfortunate working title of "IMDB" (long story), which needs to change soon.

Speaking of which, the working titles of the songs we have left to record are:
-If you didn't want to know (titled that because it is the first line of chorus)
-Tell me everything you know (see above)
-5/4 (bet you can't guess why this is the working title)
-new song 1 (because it is the first new song we wrote while we were there)
-new song 2 (bet you can't guess why this is the working title)

Okay, so we have been dropping the ball on the working titles, but for Flashlights the working title to "In Our Sleep" was "groove jam" and it does NOT get any worse than that.


Matthew said...

will the blog continue when you're all finished?

Ryan said...

Yes, it will. When we're done recording we still won't know who's putting it out or anything, so we'll still have plenty to talk about. And that's when we can have more fun with it and do the karaoke thing we've been talking about forever.

jammus said...

i'm genuinely excited about this new record. i'm still digesting the first two (ps - <3) but just reading about the processes and excitement involved in part III is really getting me going.

PS - i meant it when i said you've got a place to stay over here if you fancy a tour.

anyway guys, take care, i'm off to get 'mom drunk'


Nikola versus The Sphere said...

I sure am glad no one got hurt in that Van-Crash.

And I would absolutely be down for Karaoke. Fuck Yes. Totes.

Christin said...

Are Aaron and Norm just more-sore, or are their backs actually hurt? I really hope it's the former--I vote against long-term back pain.

Does the album itself have a title yet?

Russia said...

Hey Dynamos,

Believe it or not, I miss your asses being in our house everyday, drinking our coffee, reading our books, listening to our records, and generally being useless turds.

PLEASE COME BACK! I'm so happy you're safe and sound.

Please send me pictures of kitties and the other fluffy things that prance around our fair planet.


Anonymous said...