Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 333333333333333

There is an excellent Mexican restaurant called "Ole Frijole" that is a short walk from Alberta Court. I went there yesterday for an epic fish chimichanga. Seriously.

Today i walked the opposite direction and wound up eating at a different Mexican place, which i regret for the following reasons: 1. it wasn't as good as Ole Frijole, 2. the carne asada kind of tasted like sloppy joe meat, and 3. i have eaten Mexican food twice in two days, therefore disqualifying it as a food option for the next few days, therefore disqualifying Ole Frijole from being eaten by me in the near future. Bummer.

Big thanks to the spellcheck on Norm's computer for reminding me to capitalize the M in Mexican, and for pointing out that "spellcheck" is not really a word.


-I finished up all of my guitar parts today. Griffin is about to start on his, and then Aaron will sing a song tentatively called "If You Didn't Wanna Know". Hopefully this title will change.

-The record really does sound great. Chris is phenomenal and has great ears and even greater ideas. And he has more pedals and weird boxes to destroy sounds than i've seen in one place.

-I recorded an acoustic guitar track today, to be mixed in very very quietly amidst other loud things on the album. Acoustic guitars and pianos are 2 instruments we've sworn to never use on a record, but the time came and rules were made to be broken/followed until they're boring.

-There are only a few secrets to this record, and i have a feeling our blog would be a lot more interesting if we could share them. But alas, there's no fun in that. Does anybody read this anymore, or has this gone the way of Stlpunk and Friendster?


andria from illinois said...

Hey friends, I like to keep tabs on you guys, so I've been reading occasionaly. Alas your blog is not the sad redheaded stepchild that is Stlpunk. You know what's fun though? Go look at the Internet Wayback Machine (www.archive.org) and type in Stlpunk. (It's also fun to type in the website of any awful bands you were in in high school or whatever.)

Amber said...

I've been reading this faithfully first thing every morning when I arrive at work. I don't know what I'll do when you're finished recording and therefore blogging about it. Actually work when I get to work? Crazy.

While I'm here I may as well also say: I'm very much looking forward to hearing this album.

Vicky said...

definitely still reading it. how could i not? it just would be wrong.

(tall) Chris said...

An enjoyable read guys. I don't think I'd ever have the balls to write half a record in the studio!

ididnot said...

I read and usually can't remember my password and give up.
Is there no chance that you will put a song up for your fans??
The other thing I read the one blog about you guys doing the last song and a couple of days after that it dawned on me, if I have it right, you recorded a Thor Axe song?!?! Cool, I can't wait!!

Christin said...

Yup, still reading. :-D

Anonymous said...