Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Bye Bay Area

Friday morning we woke up early and loaded everything out of Tiny Telephone, making way for Steve Fisk and Wooden Wand. From what we hear Nells Cline and the guitar player from Deerhoof are among some of the people lined up to do some "session work." Things should turn out pretty interesting.

We then went with Sam and his ( and now our) friend Kris, to the beach.
It was a pretty ideal thing to do on our first day off after 11 consecutive 12 hour days in the studio (give or take an hour or two). I am a big fan of days at the beach, and despite getting a little burned on my shoulders it was the best thing I could have possibly been doing that afternoon.

After the beach we said our goodbyes to Sam. Over the past week and a half we've been absurdly lucky in getting to stay with Sam and getting to know him and his friends. Prior to our departure for the west coast I was a little more than anxious about where we would be staying. Even if I tried I could not have imagined how great things ended up working out. Staying there was like a sweet dude summer camp and part of me is sad it's over. Definately gonna miss those dudes.

We then made out way to a family friends house up in The Presidio. It was terribly pleasant. We hung out, had a drink, then went out for what were probably the best hamburgers of our lives. Perhaps that's an over-exaggeration, perhaps not. After dinner we trekked up to Sacramento and stayed with our friends Aaron and Evan of Brilliant Red Lights. As always it was great to see them. They are also on the list of sweet dudes who've helped us out while in a bind.

Sunday afternoon we made the boring ass drive from Sacramento to Eugene (about 9 hours) and stayed with a friend along with his 2 adorable fat cats, and one lovable pug. We caught a few minutes of the show Prehistoric Park. Totally ridiculous.

While in Eugene I tried to find my bag of all my clothes so I could do some much needed laundry, only to find it missing. Hopefully it turns up at either Sam or Aaron's place and I can persuade them to mail it to me (and of course pay them back) while I am in Portland. Otherwise its the same pair of pants, underwear, and Mark McGwire shirt until I get home in about a week and a half. Talk about feeling like an idiot...

This morning we awoke around ten and arrived at Chris's House a few hours later.More about that to come in a shorter and/or more interesting post.