Monday, July 2, 2007


This morning was scary.

We woke up early, went to Wal-Mart (god bless) to get a new tire, and started driving. About 6 miles down the road we started overheating, due to the quick-fix we did on our coolant hose breaking and releasing all of our fluid. Breaking down in Utah on a Sunday is pretty unfortunate. We got a tow truck to Coalville, UT where we were told that it was impossible to get the part we needed to fix the hose until a Ford dealership opens tomorrow, which means that instead of starting recording at 11 AM on Monday, we would be starting a 10 hour drive to San Francisco at 11 AM on Monday. The most important thing in our lives up to this point has been being there at 11 AM on Monday to start recording. It was the realization that it might not happen, and it was scary.

Luckily, the good 'ol boys that towed us were able to put a kink in the line to keep the fluids in, so we made the drive (sans air conditioning) and now i am miraculously writing from a computer in Santa Rosa, CA, an hour from SF.

2 crazy conversations with tow truck drivers:

Driver 1, male, approximately 60 years old, Evanston WY
Driver: You guys travel a lot, then?
Us: yeah, we do.
Driver: Me too. My wife and I do as much traveling as we can.
Us: Oh Yeah? Where was the most recent place you've been?
Driver: We went to Australia. It was great.
Us: Cool. We really want to go there.
Driver: Yeah, it's a neat place. My wife and I went scuba diving and our instructor got eaten by a shark.
Us: WHAT?!?! Are you serious?
Driver: Yep. He went out there to check the waters and a shark got him. All the other sharks came up from behind and finished him off. There was nothing of him left.
Us: Did you see him get eaten?
Driver: Nah, just saw the commotion. So, i didn't end up scuba diving there after all.

Driver 2, male, approximately 26 years old, Coalville, UT
Us: WOAH!!! What was that on the side of the road? That looked like a fucking huge dog!
Driver: It was an elk.
Us: Man....i feel bad for the guy who hit that thing. Did you have to tow him?
Driver: Yeah, had to take him all the way back to Cheyenne, WY.

I know story 2 is a little more of a "you-had-to-be-there", but referencing roadkill to the guy who towed the dude who caused it is a pretty insane coincidence.

ALSO i had a personal moment of triumph today when, while waiting for the tow truck driver, a train passed by us and i ran beside it and did a hobo jump onto it for about 10 seconds and jumped off. Hurt my ankle a bit and i got a lot of dirt in my sock, but it was totally totally worth it.

ALSO we are going to start making a record tomorrow, with the same guy who's done a ton of records that we think sound amazing. It's just now sinking in.