Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 4, early

Today we recorded the intro to one of the new songs. Here are the ingredients:

-Drum set consisting of a trash can, a tambourine, a snare-less snare drum, and a lot of reverb
-Somewhere between 6-8 tracks of guitar feedback/synth noises
-The "celesta" and "clarinet" sounds on Chris's white Casio
-A surprisingly rhythmic sample we made on our Casio sampling keyboard of the sirens from cop cars chasing Griffin on Grand Theft Auto
-The "dog bark" sound from the same Casio keyboard, running through EVERY piece of outboard gear that Chris has in his basement

We're actually recording guitars and keyboards and drums normally too, these things are just a lot more fun to talk about. Today Aaron will record vocals for 3 songs (working titles: "If You Didn't Want To Know", "IMDB", and "Ghostsong"), putting us at the halfway point on completed songs! Hurray!

And sorry about the self deprecating cry for attention of "is anybody reading this blog?" in the last post. It's pretty embarrassing in hindsight.

We'll have more pictures up today, hopefully. And for the record, we did NOT record any Thor Axe songs while we were in San Francisco. That's our project for when we get home.