Friday, July 20, 2007


This is kind of a big deal. It's come to our attention that in order to finish the record in the next 2 days we would have to either: a) stress out even more than we already are or b) cut some corners.

We have a new plan. The record will NOT be finished in Portland at Chris's house. We will do everything we can to the 5 songs with vocals on them and try to record one more while we're here, and then finish the record 2 weeks from now at our house in Edwardsville, IL. Chris will fly out with a microphone, a pre-amp, and a compressor and do the vocals on the 8 track (technically 7 track) tape machine we've been borrowing from him to do demos.

This is a huge relief and simultaneously a huge bummer, as I definitely wanted to have everything done here and get to stop obsessing over it. So now I get to obsess less intensely over a longer period of time. The album will be better as a result. This is a good thing.

Here are the lyrics to a song called "Glaciers", that Aaron is doing some vocals for at this very moment in the room directly below me.

Glaciers will melt but we'll be alright
We still have novels and songs to write
We'll go on living just like we do
We'll keep evolving if we have to

Earthquakes will finish what's been started
We'll make a point to disregard it
We'll go on living like we always do

Landslides will keep us from ignoring
We'll still be here tomorrow morning
We'll go on living like we always do

oh, and i made the blog gray and orange. I hope you're okay with that.


leanna said...

I've avoided leaving a comment thus far, BUT, either the gray needs to be lighter or the orange does, because it's all the same color level and hurts eyes. Although gray, white, and orange is one of my favorite color schemes ever. Oh yeah, and can't wait to hear the album and shit.

Anonymous said...