Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We just finished tracking the last song, and it sounds like summer.

Mics are getting torn down, amp stations are about to be set up, overdubs are about to happen, San Francisco is cool and sunny, and i'm wearing one of my favorite shirts, a navy blue and white striped t with buttons on the front and slits on the side. It is a women's shirt, and there is a rumor going around our band that it might be considered advanced.


ididnot said...

Ryan, do you need clothes? You can raid my closet :)

mary said...

you guys are so amazing.
i cant wait for the new album.
yer little fan club in Boston will be awaiting your tour!!
i cant promise David Arquette will show again, but ill sure be there.. and i mean, we're practically the same.. though i am not a man.. ..nor famous...
..this is getting awkward.

anyways, good luck to you all :]
dont work too hard.

cant wait to grrrooove to your tunez.

Anonymous said...