Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 10

So, yes. It's true. This is my first post. I would have done it sooner, but it seems as if the other dudes always beat me to the punch. Oh, well.

Today is my 23rd birthday. It's kind of funny. Since we've started touring full time, I haven't been home for my birthday in the past four years. It's kind-of-like-but-not-exactly-the-same-as being in grade school and having a summer birthday and never being able to bring cupcakes. Geminis, Cancers, Leos, Virgos, I know you feel my pain. Tonight should be fun, though. Our buds, Light This City, are back home from tour and are in San Francisco. Laura, the singer, will be celebrating her 21st birthday tonight at midnight. So, a joint celebration (no pun intended, at least not this time) is in order for the evening. I think i heard somebody mention something about an 80's night?

As the others have mentioned, the basic tracking has been finished and we've started diving into the wild and exciting world of overdubs. What this means is Norm doesn't have shit to do, Ryan finds ways to occupy his time, and Griffin and I play San Andreas when we're not recording our own parts. Tomorrow is our last day here at Tiny Telephone, but Friday is our last day in the Bay Area. It'll be unfortunate to leave our new friend, Sam, but I know for a fact we'll be seeing him the near future. He definitely saved us on this trip and for that we are forever in debt. We'll be heading to Portland on Saturday to continue recording and mixing and whatnot. The tentative date that we'll be home is July 24th. I can't imagine being any more pleased with the process thus far and although part of me will be sad when it is over, I am definitely looking forward to doing NOTHING during the months of August and September.

I guess I should go and start paying more attention to what Ryan is recording. Eh. On second thought, I think I'll just watch Griffin decapitate policemen with a sniper rifle.