Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Time for some photos

Finished basic tracking for song 2, "Glaciers". Micromoog, Gibson SG, Gretch Malcom Young, cymbals, drums with paper taped to them. Here's some photos:

Our busted-ass tire, which severed our coolant line and stranded us in Wyoming.

Chris burning sage by recommendation of Nick Harmer to keep our bad-luck spirits from the past away.



Microphone (in focus), Drums (out of focus).

Aaron, Norm, Ryan, Tiny Telephone.

Chris and the "draw-a-chord-and-an-instruction-out-of-the-cup" songwriting method. No songs were written this way, despite our attempt to find the "A# minor Fuck yeah" chord.


jenn said...

This is out of curiousity, not out of assholeness:

Were you guys prepared to use all these different methods to come up with your songs or are you just trying something totally different?

Like I said, I'm really honestly just curious. And because of these methods I'm that much more anxious to hear the final product(s).

Anyway, whatever. Keep having fun.

(tall) Chris said...

Are you guys doing this to 2" or Radar?

Everything sounds like its going well, good luck!

Ryan said...

Radar, bro!

todzyface said...

i like the shirt aaron is wearing. i mean REALLY like it. where can i get one?

p.s. allen wrench? RYAN MORELLO.

Anonymous said...