Saturday, June 30, 2007

DAY 2 Driving (a little)

Today I woke up to Aaron calling out, "hey dudes, it 11:30". Needless to say, staying up hanging out till 5:30 put a damper on our "lets try to leave at noon" idea. What else is new?

We drove for what didn't seem like too long before we stopped for gas and food. Lunch consisted mostly of us sharing ONE WHOLE CHICKEN PURCHASED FOR $2.00 at Walmart. Surprisingly succulent. After lunch we hit the road back on good old I-80 in an attempt to get the hell out of Wyoming, but anybody who has ever driven through Wyoming knows you can't just pass through without stopping at Little America Travel Center for 50 cent ice cream cones.

About 55 miles after leaving our favorite travel center we pulled over to check out some abnormal van shaking. All seemed normal so we got back in the van. 30 seconds later BOOM! followed by the sound of our van's fat ass dragging on the highway. Long story short, our rear tire exploded and messed up some fluid hoses. We then waited almost 2 hours for the tow truck to arrive. The most fortunate part of this story is that we used this time to talk over and come up with ideas for the record.

Anyway, after a harder than it should have be tire change we somehow got towed to another walmart, got a makeshift fix on our hoses, found a motel, visited our second "beer cave" of the day, and managed to grill burgers and stir fry in the room all within the last few hours. And now, its time to watch man vs. wild, drink some beer, and go to bed.