Sunday, August 3, 2008

The worst night ever/the best night ever

Just returned from two shows, here's how they went:


NOTE: At the request of the venue, promoter, and our friend Molly who set up our show in Nashville, we've removed our post about the troubles we had at the Exit/In last Wednesday. The same miscommunication that caused us to not get paid extended into us not knowing the entire story behind the show before our post. We try to be open and honest on this blog to give an insight in the highs and lows of being in a functioning band and are sorry that our post rubbed some folks wrong. - management

Athens always seems like the land of Oz, especially after a horrendous experience such as Nashville. Our show was part of the "Summer Camp" series of shows put on by promo company Team Clermont. We headlined again, this time to an attentive, filled out crowd, AND we got our guarantee. God bless.

The worst part: I had been joking around with Bill, the head honcho of the radio department at Team Clermont, because he's a Cubs fan (boo) and I'm a Cardinals fan (hurray). After the show, we were standing by the bar talking to the bartender (Bryant from Cinemechanica). Bill pulled out his Cubs credit card to show me, and I grabbed it and very lazily threw it behind the bar. And it completely disappeared.

I went around the bar and started looking for the card on the ground. While searching under the giant ice freezer, I cut my finger on an overturned bottle cap and it started bleeding WAY more than it should given the size of the wound. It's right on the knuckle, so it keeps getting ripped open, ESPECIALLY when i play guitar. This is kind of a problem.

Back to positivity: hung out after show w/ Bryant, slept for 45 minutes (which was 30 minutes less than Griffin slept and 45 more than Norm or Aaron), had breakfast at the Grit w/ Luke Shark, former Shark Sam, former Cinemechancic Erica, and former St. Louisan Christine, and drove back. Rolled into St. Louis just a few minutes late to catch Boyz II Men play for free under the arch. The sacrifices we make sometimes....