Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've woken up before the others, doing a quick post before I jump in the bath tub (don't judge me!) and get ready for this pair of shows we're about to play. We weren't planning on doing any shows right now; the process of getting this record out has engulfed our summer and, I can finally say, the finish line might be in sight. But alas, we were offered two wonderful shows in two days, one in Nashville and one in Athens, GA.

We've only played in Nashville once before. We played with a blues band and, two hours into their set, I walked up to them to see how much longer they had when they responded "oh, there's another band tonight? We didn't know."

Our obligitory we-haven't-played together-in-a-while set runthrough last evening was really comforting. It's not that we forget how to play the songs, but sometimes things like keyboard settings and pedal switches get lost on us after a few weeks of non-Dynamo related activities.

Our individualized non-Dynamo activities as of late:

-I've been working on records in our basement for these guys and this guy, as well as writing for this and this and teaching some of these.

-Norm has been driving these around and occasionally playing these in this.
-Griffin just went here with these people right after spending time

-Aaron has been pushing one of these around and learning a lot of these songs on one of these.