Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've got Ace Freely, I've got Peter Chris

We just finished practicing for our performance tomorrow evening as "In The Garage: A Tribute to Weezer". Playing these songs is so intensely satisfying, it's hard to really explain; it's like we've unlocked the secrets to our favorite songs of all time. We're stoked.

Last night we played at the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL. It was what we expected, playing outdoors on a makeshift stage in the early evening to passers-by. Slightly uncomfortable but not terrible.

As we were loading out, this guy came up to us on his bike and said "Were you guys playing Search Party over here? I love that song" and started talking to us. I think he thought that we had covered it, he didn't realize it was our song until we told him that we were So Many Dynamos. I felt strangely rewarding, for somebody to know a song of ours but not attach it to us.

Today on Pitchfork Media, our buddies in Pattern Is Movement mentioned our song "New Bones" as one of the best songs of the last year in their "Guest List" feature. Thanks guys! They also mentioned the excellent "You and Me and the Mountain" by Maps and Atlases and said they were "afraid of those dudes." We second that.


its anna said...

you guys were great, really!
and the hot dogs were super!

Eoin said...

Any chance of hearing some youtubings of those Weezer covers?

blah said...

Yeah, you guys were amazing. The only band that surprises the hell out of me all the time. Either way, I can't stress how much Box Wine is your best song.

Elisssssabeth said...

everything in champaign is slightly uncomfortable but not terrible.

Anonymous said...