Monday, August 18, 2008

thank you internet

I was shamelessly reading our wikipedia page earlier and came across this:
"In July 2007, So Many Dynamos began recording the follow-up to Flashlights with Christopher Walla. Sessions took place at Tiny Telephone Studio in San Francisco, Alberta Court in Portland, and the band's house in Edwardsville, Illinois. The record was mixed by Alex Newport at Metropolitan Sound, Brooklyn, NY in December 2007. The band recorded another track for the album in February 2008 at Great Western Records Recording in Champaign, IL. This track was mixed by Alex Newport in May 2008. The album is set to be called, "Chinese Democracy."


Christin said...

What's especially-special is reading the vandalism that gets cleaned up by the People Who Babysit the Internet. See for example:

One thing that I've always liked about you guys' Wiki page, that I noticed months ago and survives to this day: The description of Thor Axe as a "triumphant" band. I assume "triumphant" is the opposite of "advanced," right?

And finally: while you guys should obviously release the Guns 'n Roses album before they do, I'm going to fix that album name in the meantime.

Leanna said...

gay-alt band SBW...and since when is Jumbling Towers a notable band??

Anonymous said...