Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I had a dream there was a ghost here, and the ghost knew my name

They guy in the bed next to me at Gateway Medical research wouldn't stop snoring last night, and there are few things more annoying than being kept awake by somebody else's snoring. It's like somebody is enjoying their sleep so much that they decide it's more important for you to be aware of their awesome slumber than participate in your own. Griffin is the snorer in our band, and although I'm getting anxious and restless about this tour we're about to do, last night was a reminded of one aspect of sharing a room with all of the other dudes that I don't miss.

Not that I could have slept well anyway; my mind was racing with ideas we're working out for our live set on this next tour, transitions and whatnot. Trying to channel a little bit of that DC no-setlist thing. We only get 30 minutes every night on this next tour, and all the time we wasted on stage banter/heckling last time we went out with HORSE and Heavy Heavy Low Low could have probably been better spent, you know, playing songs.

But for now, Norm and I are confined to the research facility until tomorrow evening while we test a medicine for the treatment of Parkinsons Disease and Restless Leg Syndrome. We're currently confined to an 8 hour stint laying down in hospital beds while the phlebotomists come around and draw our blood hourly. The strange thing is that this isn't the "boring part", but after this when we're free to move around and there's nothing to do and we've napped too much to be able to sleep and TV is boring and the internet is boring and there's nothing in the inbox and nothing new on Craigslist or Pitchfork or The Onion or the Tape Op messageboard. This time I brought a few more things with me, like a guitar and an ipod and some books, so hopefully I won't be as bored to tears as last time. That might just be wishful thinking...

Oh, and the "You and Me and the Mountain" EP by Maps and Atlases is so, so, so very good. Obtain it.


jammus said...

Harness the awesome power of lists to destroy boredom.

Good ones are 'ZOMG Spoilers', 'Near Miss Heroes and Villains', 'Mortified with Majors' and, oh well there's quite a few good ones.

Christin said...

I wholeheartedly recommend for boredom relief, particular their massive collection of room escape games located at

To kill a solid hour and a half playing an utterly brilliant series of escape games, play the Submachine games, created by my all-time favorite indie game creator, Mateusz Skutnik. Links to all seven of them are here:

Have fun with the phlebotomists!

Jessica said...

You should just cruise . That place's bananas.

Anonymous said...