Tuesday, December 4, 2007

See the orchestration in the devastation (we've not seen the worst of this yet)

I slept on the futon at Metropolitan Sound and it was one of the best nights of sleep i've had in New York. Flying over here was interesting, mainly because I have never flown by myself before. I was shocked by how foreign St. Louis looks from the air. If I hadn't seen the arch, I wouldn't know where I was.

My flight was broken down in two; St. Louis to Atlanta, Atlanta to NYC. On the flight to Atlanta I sat next to a man that was reading a hunting magazine with a gigantic black bear on the cover. I was THIS close to asking him if he'd shot a bear before, but it didn't seem appropriate.

In Atlanta, the flight to New York got delayed 2 hours. I kept myself occupied with an airport Wendy's and a Musician's Friend catalog (sidenote: J Mascis has his own model of guitar? Wtf, bro). On the flight, I sat next to one of those guys that doesn't appear to be mean, but always seems annoyed by something. I asked him what borough LaGuardia airport is and he responded with an eye-rolled "i don't knowwww, Queens or something?"

The cab driver farted on the way to the studio.

Metropolitan Sound is the name of Alex Newport's studio. It is a very comfortable atmosphere with great equipment, a great engineer, and an amazing view of Manhattan in the control room. Yesterday was dedicated to importing the files from Chris's sessions, and today we will be digging into one the cleverly working-titled song "5/4".

"5/4" sounds like if you played "My Summer Girl" by The Rentals at 45 rpm instead of 33. It was one of the songs we started at home and finished in San Francisco, and it might have the best bridge on the album. It's a song I keep forgetting about, and i'm glad it will exist.


Jesse Loeffler said...

I've read every entry you've written and the most I've ever laughed while reading this was at the line "The cab driver farted on the way to the studio". I love it how it got it's own paragraph space.

ididnot said...

New York City!! The pictures look really nice!! Flying alone is really weird, last time I did I was stuck in Atlanta for 10 hours overnight. I never felt such desperation in my life. It totally changed my views on what to have in the carry-on! Anyway I would be happy to name your songs for you if you want the burden erased :)

Benji said...

i hope you worked that space echo.
i want one. so badly.

Anonymous said...