Monday, December 24, 2007

All i want for Christmas is somebody to write a song for us so we don't have to

It's Christmas Eve. I'm doing some morning laundry because i have three (3) mystery items to buy for my family before arriving in St. Peters before 3 pm.

A few nights ago, we participated in the "Very Mery Christmas Spectacular" show at Off Broadway, put on by the folks that run the Bluebird. It was one of those phenomenal shows that puts everything in perspective, which is really what we needed since our last 2 shows in town have been pretty weak and we haven't been playing very well at them or sounding very good. BUT, all went well at Off Broadway, we debuted a new song ("Oh, The Devastation", formerly working title:5/4) and i played the Casio SK-5 sampling keyboard live for the first time.

The most surprising thing of the night was being pelted by confetti during our last song, "It's Gonna Rain".

I saw Shrek last night and laughed much more than I should have.

So, all of this holiday madness has detracted us from writing our 10th song from our record. We're about 2 minutes into it and pretty stoked on it, but the song is having an existential crisis and is not sure what its purpose in life is yet.

Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate), and God (or whatever deity you beleive in) bless us, every one.


Edward said...

I felt like all the air was sucked out of me when Beatle Bob walked up front; it almost ruined the show for me. I've hated the man for years and in that timespan have tried to explain to people he's a self-promoting douchebag kleptomaniac but I'm usually met with skepticism.

I cannot express to you how elated I was when you guys called him out on his shit. I might go so far to say I felt vindicated, maybe even more than Chris Carrabba ever was. Best Christmas gift ever, thank you.

ididnot said...

Don't you have my phone number? I would totally write your song for you. Or, it would suck so bad you would start feeling really good about yours! Either way - WIN WIN!!

Anonymous said...