Monday, December 3, 2007

oh in the morning, i stumble....

I'm getting packed right now. I'm getting packed because i'm going to New York today. I will be spending the week there. I found out I was spending the week in New York on Friday, when Alex Newport, who is totally on "the team" now, offered to discount us a bit on studio time so that i could afford to fly out and witness the mixing sessions.

I've never gone to New York by myself, and i've actually never been on a plane by myself either. Combine this with the fact that I'll be hanging out with Alex, an engineer that I really respect, while he finishes up the record-so-far, and the reasons are obvious why I'm ecstatic.

Before I leave though, I have to record Aaron doing one line in one song, because we just plain forgot to do it the whole time we were working with Chris. I guess that gives me an engineering credit on the album. Sweet.