Monday, December 10, 2007

Finally, there is clarity and there is purpose after all

I'm very strict about proper grammar and spelling when I send text messages. Meanwhile, Alex Newport is a chronic text-message-abbreviator. Digging through my phone's inbox from the last week, there are gems like "R u guyz able 2 listn 2 a test mix" and I'm about 90% sure he sent me a kissy-face emoticon once. I gave him a hard time about this for a while, but ever since I departed LaGuardia Airport at 6 AM on Saturday, I've been giddy every time I receive a message from him. He may text like a 12 year girl, but I act like one when I find out there is a new mix ready to be heard.

Last night at 10:30, I received a message telling me that "ghost song" has been finished, and the changes we requested "new song 1" were finished. The crazy part about it is this: we're almost done with our record. Every song that we've written and recorded is now also mixed. We are 90% done with our record.

The other 10% will be the new song we will be writing soon. We have a general idea for the next one; we have shat out an egg of a song and now we must hatch it.

So what is next? We send the record to every single person we can think of that may be interested in assisting us in releasing it. I hope this doesn't affect the blogging, because we may have to be a bit more cryptic about things as to not rub anybody wrong. It does mean that we can do more fun things, like SO MANY DYNAMOS KARAOKE!!!!!

Stay tuned, bros.


Bradley said...

Man i thought So Many Dynamos Karaoke was never going to happen....I'll believe it when i see it.

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