Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Dude, we just recorded an album in space"

I had a dream last night that we recorded an album in space. There was this kind of community of orbiting space buildings like some space city, and some sort of ship that was floating around the atmosphere that had a studio built in. Norm and Aaron were in the studio ship while Griffin and I were in some vessel that seemed to be built for the purpose of just hanging out. The hangout vessel got struck by a meteor or something and Griffin and I got sent back to earth. When we were on earth, we listened to the CD (it was actually songs from The Loud Wars) and realized we wanted to redo some guitar parts. Then we had to figure out if we have to get sent back up into space to record or not.

In reality, I'm sitting on the floor at a house in Cincinatti. Norm and house resident Brian are sharing music on the couch, currently listening to an amazing song by The Bronzed Chorus that's called something about waking up under an overpass. It's harder to figure out song titles when the band is instrumental.

Hanging out at home for three days was nice, not because we were on tour for that long (it was only five days) but because our drives were so hellishly long. Now we're on what seems to be the feelgood part of the tour. All the drives are short and we'll be in the magical kingdom of Athens, GA in a few days. Our show in Newport, KY right across the river from Cincinatti was fantastic.

So far, every place we've stayed has been excellent. We realized a while ago that we really really like the people that like our band. Like, we seem to appeal to people we enjoy hanging out with. It's an awesome feeling. And on the Ra Ra Riot shows where we don't really know many people, we've been having good luck finding nice folks to stay with. I know I keep comparing this tour to the ones we've done with hardcore bands, but I've enjoyed the vibe of this tour so much more. Maybe it's because there's less intrinsic negativity floating around the venues. Or maybe it's just nice to be on tour with a band that's not completely racist.

Tonight is Louisville, KY, a town that we've never played in before. Wish us luck!


alison. said...

at least you don't dream about drowning...or maybe you do. i do.

octopuii said...

so weird. not only do we love your music but we dream about you too. i swear we were heelying around a food mart during world war II in poland once. good times. the bronzed chorus...are they up to par with the Mercury Program? and you do know they're coming out with a new record around the time you guys are?! long waits. good music. so worth it!

Brian Conway said...

Hey, guys. Brian here. Just got a blogger account and thought I'd say hey. It was great having you and I'd love to hear how the musical exchanged worked out lol.

BTW, we just had a basement show at our place and apparently we're going to be the hot new basement venue in Cincinnati? If you're ever coming back to this part of the Midwest let me or Cody know ( and we'll be glad to have you play with a couple of the local bands.

Anonymous said...