Sunday, December 14, 2008

Clap, clap, spirit fingers.

Athens, like always, was rad. The hookah bar in Nashville was too, more specifically the jasmine shisha and the honey berry. So was the photo shoot with Ryan Russell in Louisville and the giant Louisville slugger. Dawnie from London is awesome, so is Ra Ra Riot's tour manager Elise and 3 of the 4 members of Princeton (you're just going to have to guess which three). The corn chowder that Christin and Ross in Atlanta made was delicious, as were the egg sandwhiches Norm made yesterday morning and the crucial 2:30 AM Papa John's. Now we're going to go eat a 3 PM breakfast with Dawnie and some of the Sharkemechanicas and then play in Asheville, North Carolina with RRR and Princeton at a venue that has a kitchen that serves alligator balls. All is right in the universe.


Gristonne said...

Sweet show last night at the Grey Eagle! had alot of fun... you really rocked the house.

come back to Asheville please =]

alison. said...

i hope those egg sammiches were one-eyed jacks. also, my cat and my parents' dog are exactly like the ones in that video, except at a much faster benny hill.

Matt Gerring said...

Glad I found your blog, you guys are amazing.

Play shows on the west coast! I need a band I can dance to! HELP!

Anonymous said...