Tuesday, September 9, 2008

There are no red states or blue states

Gas stations are a crucial part of our daily routine. Aside from the necessary fuel, bathrooms, and snacks, they also are a source of entertainment. I've been getting a kick out of the things people write and etch onto the bathroom walls, mirrors, hand driers, and any other hard surface they can scribble on.
We've been knee deep in the Bible Belt for the past few days and our rest stops have peppered the rural South so it is no surprise that this is what we would find:

This did not sit too well with me.

It's hard to read, but "WHITE POWER KKK" has been etched into the Xcelerator hand washer.
By the time we pulled out of the parking lot it looked like this

Here are a few souveniers we chose to pass on during our pit stops:

"Drinking doesn't cause hangover waking up does" and
"Jesus is the key to eternal life" hats on the same rack.
I think it's funny.

I found this gem on the wall in the Men's room at The Door in Dallas.

Here are a few pictures from our night on Bourbon Street with HORSE the Band


Steel Town Erick said...


I know those stores and some of that writing here and there.

Thanks for the killer show guys,


Mike Buha said...

A lot of people shit with pens.

blah said...

some of the highest comedy in the world is scrawled on bathroom stalls

Christin said...

This morning, I found the souvenir hand grenade cup from the Tropical Isle in my driveway. I couldn't decide if it was yours or a neighbor's until I remembered the photo here with the same bar name.

I know I said this, but: it was great to see you guys, and you're always welcome back. :-)

Anonymous said...