Thursday, February 21, 2008

"You made me ink!"

We're in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We are staying with a fellow named Ryan Gage. He set up our show, which was awesome. I am using Ryan's computer while the rest of SMD watches Finding Nemo. I'm partially jealous.

We are only 2 shows into the tour but everything is already going remarkably better than we anticipated. We played last night in Omaha with The Show Is the Rainbow (who is one of our best friends/favorite bands/dude who saved our asses after we flipped our van) and a band called UUVVWWZ, which is apparently pronounced "double u, double v, double double u, z. They were pretty incredible.

Tonight we played an early show with Welcome To The Cinema and We All Have Hooks for Hands. Hooks for Hands is kind of the Sioux Falls version of Say Panther, who is the St. Louis version of Broken Social Scene. Aka, they're the band with 35 members and horns and really sweet songs that involve a maximum of 3 chords. They rule.

We go to Denver tomorrow, which hasn't totally hit me yet. Leaving the Midwest is kind of a big deal.

We're going to TRY to listen to the entire Radiohead discography in chronological order tomorrow. Wish us luck.