Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yawn, stretch, yawn.

When we pulled into our driveway at 5:42 AM yesterday, it had just hit me how intense the previous two days were. We tracked an entire song, did the basics, overdubs, and vocals, all in one caffeine and adrenaline fueled day, and then drove the 2.5 hours straight back to Edwardsville. Wow. We have to do a few group vocal parts in our kitchen, and then it's all out of our hands.

Nerd note: this was the first time since When I Explode that we recorded exclusively to 2" tape. My biggest regret about When I Explode: i wish we would have done it digitally.

We leave for a six week tour in 6 days. I'm not in the least bit prepared. Maybe I should bring a sleeping bag this time around.

Things we have to do before we leave:
-get shirts made
-work up more new songs for the record to be playable live
-obtain a synthesizer

Things i personally have to do before we leave:
-have a birthday/go out for my lady's birthday
-figure out how to run a guitar and a keyboard into the same amplifier without using an A/B switch or mixer
-mix the Say Panther record i've been working on for 4 months
-get a haircut (additional option: get a real job)


Christin said...

Congrats on getting the last song finished! I vote against the Real Job. What you guys do is better.

I had a bizarre dream last night that heavily featured you guys touring in Australia. Said dream also featured two of my co-workers and Tyra Banks; why the eight of us would be traveling around Australia together was left unexplained.

(tall) Chris said...

Stoked to hear some of the new jams.

I officially listing my request for "Laugh About It Later" right. . . now!

Tobias said...

Ok, a few things:

A) I can totally relate on the "learn how to play studio jams live" thing. My other band is leaving for tour in two days and we're pretty much just going to sing our own songs over rap instrumentals.

B) Dude, don't cut your hair. Come on.

Anonymous said...