Friday, February 29, 2008

So its been just over one week since we left our shit-ass jobs for a better life on the road. So far so good. We've only had 3 run-ins with the law for noise complaints while playing, only 1 major piece of equipment fail, and enough cute tour dogs to make our respective home pets totally jealous. The drives have even been pretty pleasant.

The other day while driving, I came to the realization that listening to music in the van may just be my favorite place to listen to music. Everyday, we here at So Many Dynamos LLC fire up the flux capacitor and experience time and space travel to the next city for anywhere from 3 to 10 hours, all of which while listening to records. We listen to our all time favorite records, new favorites, righteous jam records, records that kind of suck, comedy albums, ect... Most of the time, the record we're listening to only has significance to the particular mood we are collectively or personally experiencing at the moment, and does not have anything to do with what is happening outside of the van. BUT sometimes, the music that is happening inside the van is so appropriate for the drive/scenery that it is as if planet earth itself is broadcasting music into our Van. Examples:

Sometime in the year 2005 while driving like hell to get our asses out of the State of California we happened to come across a massive field of Windmill Power Generators while listening to Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians.

Black Mountain's In the Future not only has been blowing our minds lately but was also perfectly appropriate 2 days ago while making the drive through the awesome snow capped mountains of Montana at Sunset.

Somewhere there is video footage from the second night of our very first tour way back in June 2003. The drive was again through mountainous terrain weaving dangerously through winding rock roads with large drop offs in attempt to get higher and higher up a mountain towards a full moon all during which while we were having our nervous yet perfect experience with our newly dubbed tape of Dark Side of the Moon.