Sunday, August 19, 2007


The most annoying blog post is the one that goes "sorry i haven't updated in a while" so i'm just not going to say it. (hint: i just did)

So this is the RECORDING blog, and we're technically done recording but that's not the end of this. There's still all the other fun stuff like: waiting around for the mixing to happen, coming up with song and album titles, figuring out who's going to put this record out, going on tour between now and then, etc.

You know how much i love lists, so here's what we/I have been up to lately:

-We are going to be on the cover of the Riverfront Times this week. It hasn't really sunk in, and it's been pretty hush hush but for the few that read this i think it's okay to spill the beans. In addition, we're going to take over the always entertaining Riverfront Times A to Z blog for the week. We'll have a new post on there from a band member every day. This will be a true test of our blogging consistency.

-I have been interested in recording over the past few years, and have been collecting the necessary gear to record bands and such. Recording with Chris was so so inspiring that i've been diving head first into it lately. I just recorded a charming young band called Torchlight Red, and i'm recording some really sweet stuff in the near future: Berlin Whale, Thankful Tree, Cold Bear Scout, Target Market. It feels good.

-We played a Thor Axe show this weekend and it was a blast. Recording will start very soon for our debut EP-plus "making of" DVD and tablature book.

-We're going on tour to the east coast in October for CMJ. It's going to be really casual, really fun. We know we're going to be playing some shows with Cinemechanica, Pattern is Movement, and We Versus the Shark. We might also get to hook up with the Photo Atlas.

-We need to get a new van.

I think that's all for now. Keep fighting the good fight.


(tall) Chris said...

Are you just using that 8-track or a mixture of that and the computer? I just got a Tascam 688 8-track, which while it records on cassette, has 10 built in channels, can record eight tracks at a time, and a lot of built in routing options.

Nikola versus The Sphere said...

Colorado is more or less East Coast right?

scubadog said...

Hey Norm! Saw the RFT story and finally checked out the YouTube version of Search Party. Can't wait to hear the new CD.. keep up the good work!! donnally

Rico said...

If you were to come back to RI (or nearby) with the Photo Atlas, i think that would quite possibly be the best show. I missed them the last (only?) time they came here on account of not wanting to go alone. But on the contrary, i didn't let that stop me from seeing your show when you played in Providence

Bradley said...

You guys should play lansing after bowling would be da bomb!!!

drewcif said...

Come to norfolk again, bitches. :) drew

Anonymous said...