Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 1 of 2 at our house

Yesterday, Christopher Walla took an airplane from Portland to St. Louis, was picked up by Griffin Kay, and arrived at 700 Hale Avenue, Edwardsville, IL (our house) to finish up the So Many Dynamos record.

I wasn't there. I was at Gateway Medical Research, taking a pill for overactive bladders and getting my blood drawn 20 times. Norm is in the same study as me, so he was absent as well. No recording got done yesterday though, so i consider today day 1. And rightfully so.

Norm and I left Gateway Medical at 6:25 and 6:28 this morning. Around noon, Aaron started singing and he's been trapped in the makeshift vocal booth in Griffin's room ever since. Chris made a makeshift control room out of our living room, which is convenient in case you want to hear a record being made while watching shark week on mute (which we do). As of now (10:33 PM), Aaron is finishing the 3rd of 5 songs we have to finish this weekend. Tomorrow is group vocals, which is always fun.

Chris has to leave at about 4 PM tomorrow to catch his flight back, so we're pretty pressed for time. Things are going well and check this out:

We accept payment in the form of high fives and one (1) shotgunned beer per capita. Pictures of our house fiesta soon.


Russia said...

I can only hope you check your comments because I don't have email addresses or phone number - thanks for the sweet package, boys!! 7"s are my jam and this new one will be my jam as well!

Please take care of my man-tart. Feed him good food and don't make his brain explode.

So much love!

Russia said...

Oh, I left you a comment on "3 Days After..." or whatever the hell it's called. All emotion still applies.

Anonymous said...