Saturday, March 20, 2010

UK / Euro Tour: Mar. 8th - Mar. 14th

You know how you can wait and plan and prepare for something for a REALLY long time and within a blink of an eye it comes and goes?  That's how I'm feeling as I write this post and upload these photos. 

From the food, to the languages, to the roadways and the architecture, I know I can speak for all of us when I say our trip to Europe was surreal and filled with many moments of culture shock.  However, on the other side of things, there was a moment in Paris where I felt like we could have been in San Francisco.  We were outside the venue, and there were young people drinking and smoking and laughing and I had this realization that no matter where you are and how different places and people seem to be, there's comfort in knowing that everyone is working towards the same common goal - and that's enjoying life.

 Gent, Belgium

Belgium Chocolate Cake with Espresso       

We found this kitteh peaking over the stairs in the café.
Café Video - Gent, Belgium

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clock Tower in Amsterdam
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The French Countryside

Window Decal Inside of a Café - Paris, France

I was SUPER stoked to get a picture of this.  

On the Way to The Eiffel Tower

Arc de Triomphe

The Eiffel Tower

Underneath the Tower

The Courtyard Next to the Tower

Proof That We Didn't Make Any Of This Up

I feel we learned a lot on this trip; and not just about other people and different cultures, but about ourselves.  We came to many realizations during the course of the month, some that may bring forward big changes to Camp Dynamo in the near to immediate future.  (Don't worry, it's nothing bad.)  If anything, we're more excited and more inspired to do what we've always wanted to do, and that's making music that we love and that other people can enjoy.  
I'm sure we'll be chatting soon.


Christin said...

Great pictures, and I'm glad you guys made it back from both Europe and SXSW in good shape and good spirits. :-D

Can't wait to hear the blog blow-by-blows when you guys start writing and recording the next album. It was fascinating as all hell last time to read your descriptions of how recording was going, and then months later, listen to The Loud Wars and remember "Oh, right, this must be the cell-phone-text-riff" or "Ooh, I remember them writing about Chris recording fireworks; these must be it."

So. If you have the time and the inclination, do the blogging-while-recording thing again!

Anonymous said...

Europe is incredible.

I'm loving your blog. I'll definitely be following.

Check out mine, i think you'd especially love it:

Griffin said...

I can't believe I just spent 15 minutes reading theboyfriendshopper.

George said...

(a) Definitely do the blogging / recording / writing thing again.

(b) I also spent some time reading through the boyfriend shopper. But, I'd like to know why So Many Dynamos would "especially love it". :|

(c) You guys are festival-ing it with Broken Social Scene AND Built To Spill! SWEET.

joven said...

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Amy said...

I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

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joven said...

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