Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waffles, Beer, and Chocolate.

BELGIUM RULES.  We've only been here for less than a day and the fair city of Brugge has already been too kind.  I'm writing this from a hostel in said city.  We're sharing a room with a Spanish couple.  At least I think they're Spanish.  I overheard them talking to one another and that was the assessment that I made.  I wonder how the two of them felt when they thought they had the room to themselves, and then five un-showered doods came strolling in.  Sorry to ruin the moment guys.  I can't think of anything less romantic than sharing a room with us.

Tomorrow begins the first day of our European portion of the tour.  I know I can speak for everyone when I say that I wish we could have planned more shows over here and played less in The UK, but now we know what to do for next time.

Oh, I'm not sure if we've mentioned, but we're playing SXSW this year.  We're playing at Emo's Jr. on Thursday, March 18th with our VERY BEST BUDS, Maps and Atlases.  A lot of other really great bands are playing, too.  If you plan on being in Austin that week, you should come out.  T'will be a hoot.

And like I said before, UK photo blog coming soon.  I just have to change out the batteries in Alison's camera - the one she was gracious enough to let me borrow for this trip - before I can upload anything.